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Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.
Nelson Lumber Company Ltd.
Green Building

At Nelson Lumber, we work to take care of the environment as well as our customers. It helps that we use a renewable resource: wood. Wood is a low-carbon building material that requires less energy to manufacture than other materials. Not only that, it's economical and a source of natural beauty.

Of course, green building goes further than that. Waste prevention measures are in place at our factory, where we work in a setting free of any toxic substances. Throughout the building process, all culled materials are sorted and reintroduced into the production cycle when feasible. Any leftover material we can't use is offered to the community in an effort to reduce the amount of materials entering the landfills. A recycling program is in place in both our offices and factory, and our factory uses energy-effiecient lighting.

Because we use pre-manufactured components, our jobsites are clean and efficient. There is minimal site waste to clear up, which results in less material going to landfills.

Waste prevention can start before we even start building. Our designers are skilled at incorporating green concepts into the design of homes. You can go green in countless places around your home, including your walls, insulation, window treatments, sidings, and foundations. You can even consider alternative ways to power your home, via solar panels and other applications.

Nelson Homes leading industry designs and custom floor plans drafting service, and top manufacturers of residential luxury homes, spacious family and multi-unit houses, duplexes, assisted living residences, and energy efficient commercial buildings. Our climate controlled builder and construction facilities specialize in manufacturing the best quality roof trusses, floor systems, and panelized walls, with export and shipping throughout Canada, USA, and International sites with all building codes for each area strictly adhered to. You'll get a guaranteed delivery date, which makes for cost effective scheduling of builders and contractors. For dealers and developer inquiries, contact our head office sales reps in Lloydminster Alberta for more information on your local supplier branches.