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The Number One Team for Prefabricated Home Packages

We offer high-quality, prefabricated homes to residents in Canada and the United States.

Prefabricated home packages are panelized systems that are delivered to your site in pre-built sections. Here at Nelson Homes, we provide you with precision panelized wall, roof, and floor components to expedite and simplify the building process of your new home.

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Packages that Include Everything You Need

Our prefabricated home packages have a price guaranteed for quality and quantity. Prefabricated home packages include pre-cut floor trusses, panelized walls, engineered roof trusses, windows, exterior finishing, shingles, insulation, and drywall. Plus, you can add your own floor coverings and cabinets! Delivery is included in the prefabricated home package price.

Prefab Package Video Overview

Watch our short video below highlighting key building advantages and time-lapse production footage!

Below is a quick video featuring some of our prefab homes and commercial buildings under construction or fully completed in southern British Columbia.

Easy On-Site Assembly

Prefabricated home packages require 60% less framing time than an on-site built home. In Canada, Nelson Homes has numerous dealers that can provide prefabricated home packages across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories.

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Prefab Chestermere Package

nelson ready to move modular house plan prefab homes.jpg

Prefab Knoxx Package

prefab home package nelson homes modular homes.jpg

Prefab Stratton Package

prefabricated home packages nelson homes modular homes prebuilt.jpg

Prefab Fairmont Package

Below is a quick video of a prefabricated home package under construction in Longview, AB. The house plan featured below is our Stratton house plan.

commercial buildings by nelson homes prefab homes.jpg

Possible with any Wood Frame Design

Our prefab packages can be used on any house plan design including hotels, apartments, and light commercials. No matter what you're looking for, Nelson Homes can adapt the panelized construction method to build the house of your dreams without breaking the bank. Our team puts together a home package that leaves you satisfied and excited about your property.

Commercial Prefab Buildings

Our panelized construction method is a typical construction solution for apartment buildings or townhouses. Below is an example of four townhouses under construction in Fernie, BC, by a 30-year Nelson Homes dealer, Aspen Developments.

modular house plan nelson homes rtm prefab ready to move sk.jpg

Daycare Centres

This summer our team built a community Daycare Centre, Wiggles and Giggles, in Whitewood, SK, using our prefab construction method!

Take Advantage of Nelson's Prefabricated Home Packages

What are some specific benefits of building a prefab home with Nelson Homes?

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Save Money

Prefab homes are more affordable than site-built homes. The primary reason is that prefab homes are constructed in one place allowing for controlled production costs. Plus pre-built panelized systems produce less waste on-site, reduce on-site theft, and minimize on-site damage.

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Move In Faster

Prefab homes are built inside a factory and therefore are also typically built in a fraction of the time a site-built home is. There are fewer delays and unforeseen costs. The savings on construction costs are passed on to the consumer.

prefab home package construction ready to move homes.jpg

Skilled Trades

Prefab homes are built by skilled industry professionals in specialized factories across Canada.

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Top Quality

Because prefab homes are built in a factory, they aren’t exposed to the elements and are not compromised by changes in weather (ex. less warping and twisting).

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Foundation Options

Prefabricated home packages are built on any foundation type, including a full basement, screw piles, or a crawl space as long as it meets building code requirements.

Custom Prefab Homes

All our house plans are customizable. Our team of home specialists can change any Nelson house plan/floor plan to meet your needs. We can even build a prefabricated home package completely from scratch!

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